Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a great year so far!
          	Alright everyone, I'm going to be 100% honest with all of you: I think I've lost my 'fire' or 'passion' at writing. 
          	That isn't to say I don't like writing anymore, but I've been struggling to put words on the page for the past week  and a half. 
          	When I first posted "Innocent Bystander" I was TRUTHFULLY expecting 10k reads at most. I honestly did not know so many people used this site. Hell, I only just discovered Wattpad a week before I made my account. 
          	Most likely, I'm just being too critical of myself whilst I'm writing and/or I bit off WAY more than I can chew with "From Another World" but I struggle to 'get in the zone' like I used to. Coupled with real-life issues, writing a chapter I'm happy with has been near impossible for me.
          	I really feel bad about coming back and then leaving already, but it's something I feel I should do.
          	If anyone feels inspired by my work or wish to start their own story from any part in it, please feel free to do so!  
          	Use me as an example, write what YOU want to read and not what others want. When you write with real passion, it shows on the page and people will come to read it!


The fall of a king!


@kdog2201 Thank you for the joy that you made me feel even if it wasn't a lot it made me smile so thank you


@kdog2201 rift_gray @kdog2201 too good... you were too good that God himself had to personally nerf you because he forbade a wattpad writer to actually be amazing at writing. I sincerely wish the best for you. And I'll follow you just to remind myself every time I open up my profile that I read the stories of a GOAT.


Hello everyone! I am Spider091! Kdog2201 inspired me to start writing my own fanfic! I started it in November!  I am planning to write 4 more books and then retire. To make my fanfics better I asked my friends to draw arts for my fanfics and...readers really liked it. I hope one day Kdog will come back and read them. 
          Time Line:
          1)Wizard From Another Dimension (Male Reader x LWA)
          2)Y/Nverse (you don't have to read it. Trust me)
          3)The Predator (Male Reader x My Hero Academia


Is he back? I just saw that he updated his story today, not a new chapter or anything but it was updated, so either it’s a sign or it was an accident, or maybe even just going back some chapters and fixing errors, OR (should have stopped the or’s by now) he was reading it but mistaken it as editor mode I know that I have done that once or twice