Just for the record, I AM alive. 
          	Firstly, I absolutely plan on continuing and finishing all of my work! Do not fear. I don't plan abandoning either of my current running projects (Defy Your Authority and cocky. beautiful. bastard.)!
          	I'm currently in the middle of transitioning to a new job and just generally trying to take time to care for myself and my other needs. Finishing Little Bird last year was a MASSIVE project that took an insane amount of time and energy to complete. I'm extremely proud of it, but I need time to recoup!
          	I wish I could give you a schedule or anything. But I'm just enjoying my life, haha (those who know me know this has something that I've been unable to do for like... oh, the past 10 years? LMAO). So please be patient with me as I navigate this. 
          	(I am also working on an original project I'd really like to have a first draft of by the end of the year, so fingers crossed I can create something publishable!)
          	Genuinely I'm so grateful to anyone who reads. I know I have an extremely dry sense of humor that doesn't always translate in my comments. I'm really thankful for anything anyone offers. It's truly a writer's greatest dream to have even close to the level of engagement I've been blessed to receive for time I've had it.
          	Love y'all so much! See you soon. ❤️❤️❤️


@kassanovella when you publish- will we find it by your name here or a new name?


@kassanovella I think I just heard @AlwaysSnivellus trip in the hallway outside my bedroom door 


@kassanovella lit summoning you ;-;


What happened to fix your attitude?


it is also on archive of our own. if you just look up "fix your attitude" on google it should pop up as the first link


@nakedpropinquity it is “kylorengarbagedump”