My story got deleted som how


It is Back hahahah


Hello.. I'm so excited waiting for the next update of 'second chance' jungkook ff but i just know that you deleted it? :( why? Something happened? I really like your work tho and i'll still support you if you continue write any ff :D


Hey Love ,
          Thank you so much for sticking with me even though we haven't talked much before❤❤
          I love you so much that even words are less. 
          Keep smiling and never forget that I am here for you , and you can talk to me❤❤
          Lots of love,
          Rosé ❤❤


Hi there! Hope you're doing great ❤ sorry to disturb but 
          can you please read and vote on my favorite author's new BTS story? I believe it deserves more recognition and you won't regret clicking on it! 
          This is the link: 
          And in exchange, If you need help with something, I'd gladly lend a hand! 
          Thank you and take care ❤ 
          (please don't be rude if you respond, delete the post instead if you don't like it^^ thanx)