HI! I finally posted another short story. Mind checking it out and leaving your thoughts? I'm considering completely coming back to Wattpad... !! 


I once had an experience like this, recently actually. I used to have a "best friend" He was one of the few people to make me laugh and I felt like he understood me, we used to hang out a lot but only because he said so. I am the type of person that had a lot of pride so if someone said, "jump." I would say, "no!" but if he said, "jump." I would say, "why?" And if he said, "just do it." I would do it because he said so. Then he made new friends so we started hanging out less because he said so. One friend who we both new mutually & separately told me that he didn't want to be my friend and I listened because he said so. Now being the fact that I couldn't say no to him I stopped being his friend because he said so. And it hurts just as much to say that if he told me to do it all over again with the same insufferable ending I would do it because he said so. 


OMG that’s so sad. I’m so sorry


What a treat finding your account. Your stories are heart-wrenchingly beautiful. Thank you. ❤️


oml I'm obsessed with your stories!
          they are so poetic in a not poetic-y way.
          If that's even a word whoops.
          Anyway, love them sm!!!
          -a fan


Dear Author
          Hey :) I'm so touched by your stories. I'm literally on the verge of crying. Your writing is amazing. I love how you wrote about the most common things in the simplest and shortest way. It just made everything perfect. 
          You have some real talent. You should consider getting a publisher for short stories. In any case I just wanted to fan girl and tell you how amazing you truly are.
          I hope all is well.
          -A human being somewhere in Africa, waiting in anticipation for more of your work.