27822 YEARS LATER... 
          	To anyone bothering to read this, let me tell you I honestly do not deserve you. 
          	I'm a horrible person who hasn't updated her book in about... two years... yes I know, I know, I'm the worst kind of villain there is. I'm sorry for leaving you all in such suspense and misery over all this time especially those of you who have been holding out from the start. 
          	I'm sure you're all dying to know whats happened to keep me from the keyboard these past two years. Was it that I somehow got kidnapped by a werewolf, or maybe I am running away from the government, maybe I got hit by a bus and have been lying in a hospital still a comatose. 
          	I'm afraid its nothing as exciting or as forgivable as any of those reasons. To put it simply, what happened, my grand ol' excuse is just life. Life happened. 
          	I lost some family members, I gained a few more. I graduated from high school, went away to university. Said goodbye to some dear old friends, and made a bunch of new ones. A lot happened and before I knew it time had somehow past by and I just hadn't updated. 
          	If I'm being honest I thought so much time had passed no one would still be interested in reading. But you - the person reading this right now - whether or not you still care I owe it to you to finish this book and that's what I will be doing. 
          	Thank you for everything, 
          	Yours forever
          	Jasmine xx


@joyful_marbles Still waiting in 2020, hope all is well xoxo


That's sad to hear that people you last passed away so happy you have gained more though it has been a couple of years since I read your book and it's still a good book and if it's ever completed I definitely will be reading it good luck hun xxx


Oh gosh, thank the gods! I only read the book about 4months ago and I’ve just been waiting and just now thought to check and see when it was last updated and when I saw it’s been about two years I was literally about to cry but then I found your message and I’m so happy right now thank god. Your book is so amazing I don’t know if I’d be able to cope without knowing the ending!


In case you were wondering if we all still love and adore your book Refusing Rejection—this is it, everyone please follow up and let her know how much you miss and love this story. 
          Why do we love it so much? Because the writing and story are equally amazing. Seriously. After what, almost 10 years now!? We still can’t forget it. That’s how much of an impact this story has. Very few have that kind of power. I truly hope you take your talent and go all the way with it—like maybe self publish your book because it DESERVES to be on our shelves! (My shelf specifically lol ;) ) 
          ~One more thing—Finish the book lol ♥️


Hey!!!! hope you've been having a good day, to be honest, your book Refusing Rejection was one of my favorite books on Wattpad. I know you might not have the time but please if there is a tiny chance of you completing the book I would highly appreciate it. I hope you and your family have been doing exceptionally over the few years you have disappeared from your Wattpad fans.


Hey! Refusing Rejection is an incredible and I would love to hear the ending. It would be great if you could finish the. There are so many waiting with bated breath to read the story as evident from your wall of posts. So pretty pls finish the book for your ardent readers. 


I know it’s been years since you updated the book, but I hope you and your family is doing well. I just want you to know that you wrote an incredible book. I remember reading this book in middle school and loving it so much, now I’m in college rereading it  because it’s truly an amazing book. I hope that you find it in your heart to update the book because you have a lot of supporters waiting. 


hi, I'm reliving my old, cringey werewolf wattpad days and thinking about how much I loved Refusing Rejection. I started that at the end of high-school and now I'm in a Master's program. Just wild! Hope you're doing well - maybe one day we'll get the final chapter. ❤️


Hey the oh beautiful writer of Refusing Rejection.... please can you update the book.....because I must tell you I love the book and it's amazing and you're very talented in writing but I also understand if you are busy with your own life and don't have enough time....but please do consider our lust for this book and my starvation for the awesome book's ending 


So it’s been almost two years since you said you were committed to finishing refusing rejection. And I was wondering if you changed your mind or if life just got in the way? But if you really aren’t gonna finish the book could you at least do some point form notes of how the rest of the book would go so we can get some closure on the book and the characters. This book has been in the back of my mind ever since I read it and I’m always gonna want more of it but au understand if it isn’t something you can continue. Thank you for bringing it into our lives in the first place!