this message may be offensive
hye guys i just wanted to let you all know that i'm quitting wattpad in a few days oops :((
          	@ all the friends i made here, thanks and i love you so much. stay safe and happy and healthy !! drink lots of water and eat lots too + smile, because i hate having to think of you all being sad or something. and no don't worry about me, i'm great. wait no, i'm ari but hey you get the idea (;
          	also i feel like wattpad is getting dead so much and well i'm emo as fuck and stuff, and i'm well i get tired easily. plus school starts in june (sadly) so i have to cut ties with something i'm very attached to.
          	anyway, stay safe and happy everyone. i'll leave this account for chats and stuff until may ends. then i'll officially deactivate this.
          	if you want to talk, here's my social media :
          	twt / jjinseouls
          	ig / jjinseouls
          	kik / AR1CHUU
          	ㅡ lots of love, ari.


hey guys yall are prolly going to hate me lots for this but its me 'ari' & i moved to a new acc ages ago but on a quiet status bc issues.
          i dropped that name now & id appreciate it if you guys stop referring to me by that name ovo & if you guys still want to talk/want me to annoy you im active here :")
          my dm's are open if you want me to explain too.