i’m a day late but!! happy new year c: 2017 was the year I left wattpad but it was a year of me mentally evolving and just living normally without additional outside pressures other than the usual. i may or may not come back to write but i’m floating around for now. thank you so much for all the love and support i have received within these four years. thank you and happy new year!!


I’ve always figured you to be a fantastic author, you’re so poignant with your words and I wish you luck in all things-also, congrats on your published book! That’s a huge accomplishment and we’re all extremely proud of you! Please take care. 


Hey.. I have been reading your book and I find it amazing.. Especially cz I m very very passionate about feminism!


hello sis❣
          can i translate your story "missing you/jjk" to the arabic cause i love it so much please?❣
          thank you so much for this great story i hope you will agree❣❤
          have anice day❤


          I  literally love you... Your work feministical Athena touched my heart...I totally understand why u ended the book the way you did ..because that is something, sometime how the life ends.
          Yes it was very different from from the usual happy ending...and yes I like book with happy ending because it gives me hope...but i loved your work...