I'm a disabled stay at home Mom to an amazing 13 year old daughter. She has inherited my love for reading along with many more of my traits, some good some bad. I like to read a very wide variety of books. Mostly fiction but I do enjoy some non-fiction as well. I like everything from "Shakespeare" to "50 Shades of Gray". I like science fiction, mystery, paranormal, witch's, fairies and elf's to serial killers, My favorite Author is now and has been for about 10 years is James Patterson. even his teen works I enjoy, and introduced to my daughter. She loves them too. I enjoy Dean Koontz I loved the "Odd Thomas" series and cried like I had lost a friend when he died. I have become addicted to Wattpad. Yes I have read some stories that were not award winners but hey I read the whole book and did not disparage against them. Even the not the greatest ones have intriguing parts, and I believe the author's are just fine tuning their talent. I have read some truly amazing books: no works of art: on here. There are many talented artists on here and I am proud that they choose to share their art with the world.
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