Sup.Name's Jennifer but you can call me Jen,Jenny,or just Jennifer. I am nice but open-minded. I stick up for my friends and my non-friends,and as i said before i am nice,so by the time i have been on Wattpadd for a year,i will have  probably followed at least 100 people. I am a Naruto lover and you will only get what i am saying if you know Naruto.I am like Shikimaru. Evrything is a drag,i hate troublesome women even though i am a female,it does not count, and annoying people like my big sis and my lil' bro. Also i don't care about grammar and that is why a lot of this is in slang and also cus' this is boring me out. So i am too lazy to tell you anything else cus i am too lazy to but just for pete's sake, i will only tell you what i like and what i don't and there will probably be more after since i got nothing better to do.Alright lest get started! Aaaand i am already bored out of my mind but i have to do this or Wattpadd will keep on sending notifications to write this so i am doing this so it can lemme alone.Right lets go!

What i like:

Nice people
Fairy Tail
Pretty Little Liars
Mighty Med
Mt Little Pony(Yal'l canyons name me! Ya know ya like it!)
Kicking stuff
and a bunch of other stuff i don't care enough to tell. NEXT!!!

What i DON'T like:
non-nice people
BULLIES(all yal'l need to stop)
One's who bully my friends(you need to stop or i will not hesitate to get in a fight with you,punch you in you're face,and send you to the hospital)
And there is a bunch more stuff but i can't remember and if i did i wouldn't care to write it down.

So that is me and my life and my life is hopeless trash! Oh yea i also forgot to add that i am a equal amount of nice and equal amount of a seriously messed up col-hearted so watch out! Know that everything i say is true, BELIEVE IT! Oh ya and my sis is online so check her out. Her profile is @Angiebabs

Ugh why am i even writing this!
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