Edit: hey sorry i dont write here anymore but i still read here, so pls forget abt my fic here lol
Im now active on ao3 and you can find me @blookyy (i mostly write anime :)) )

"oya oya oya?"

An anime fan, kpop fan and fan of video games ✨

Main fandoms:
BTS, BNHA, Hetalia, Osomatsu san etc.

✨I love how todo and his seiyuu kaji yuki both get bullied by the rest of the cast (icy hot, sasukaji, hand crusher the names never stop skkdkflf)

I love lots of anime but i probably wont ever write anything for it lmao

✨must protecc gon
(I hope he goes to the dark world with the rest of his gang! Go kurapika! Go leorio!)

I do have an ao3 acc where im writing a fic (about denki bc i love him) you can find me @/blookyy
Same name with instagram! I love to draw and try to animate shit lmao

✨I want to transform into a tiger and have a suicide maniac as my friend as well :(

I ship a lotttttt of ships but
Some ships:
taekook, tododeku, kiribaku, bakudeku, frisk x sans (not pedophilia >:0 ) , kuroba kaito x shinichi kudo, IchiKara, hikaru x kaoru, tanaka x ohta, nagisa x Karma, TomTord, Klance, Plance etc.

✨I want to hug alluka and nanika :(

I want to have friends with same dynamic as hinata and kageyama :( you know, friendly rivalry and amazing co operation and stuff
(It's a very sweet ship as well sigh)

✨"iwa channnnnn~" -probably oikawa

I think i have a thing shipping people who look alike dammit (shinichi and kaito, the sextuplets, hiitaichi twins) ((idk if i spelled that correctly but eh))

✨Also, you can't convince me italy and doitsu are not in a relationship
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