so like umm... i like one direction 

i'm a 14-year old girl who lives in a cold place called
finland which you probably haven't heard of 😃

wattpad has consumed my life completely

i'm in a desperate need of friends so please come talk to
me about something ☺️

✨tpwk✨ but if you're being annoying little shit i will do it the tommo way😌🔪

not to be dramatic but i would sell my soul and my whole family to see the boys and know that they're happy😌

if you already couldn't tell i ship larry

oh and if you see me comment something embarrassing on a larry fic then, no you didn't and mind your own business sir 👁👄👁

if you ever feel alone ✨don't✨
here are some things that i stan/like:
larry stylinson
girl in red
conan gray
watching 1d videos in my room for hours straight (gay)😼
. #BLM

is anybody still reading this? and also i'm sorry if you are still reading lmao

okay bye y'all i'm zayning🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️
  • probably eating and crying about larry😗✌️
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