hello there! i have been mia for 2 years and a day. i cannot apologize for that, because this place grew to be very toxic for me and i shut out a lot and couldn't really function without feeling stressed, but in the past two years i've experienced a lot of growth. i'm now 21, i've been graduated from university for the past 7 months, but i have constantly thought about the community i built here over the years and the wonderful friends and readers and supporters that have always kept my best interests at heart. i missed y'all very much, and i'm so so happy to see that you all are still enjoying my work. i want to keep writing, so although i can't promise anything, i do want to let you all know that i see you, i've read your messages, and i love you! thank you for every comment, like, read, every time you messaged me or sent me a book cover/oneshot or dedicated a chapter of your book! i have lost track of a lot of these things and i am so sorry for that but i very much so cherish every one of you.






Pleease update his honeybee ur take on arabic family is so accurate and Theo and kids are so cute I have read sweet as strawberry countless times..pls update habiti


Dear , 
          I love your book 24/7 detention. Even though it was written 7 years back the book has a captivating plot which makes us read it again and again. Whvih you van repost the same soon.


 I absolutely adore your book 'Sweet as a Strawberry '. That being said, I would love to having featured in my recommended reading list I have for Wattpad novels. It basically consists of brief descriptions of your book and my opinion. Nothing very pressing. I would love to be able to have it as my next chapter, if you'd let me.


Hey just wanted to let you know that ur an amazing writer and that I loved sweet as a Strawberry. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!! Just wanted to know if you will be writing more or if you will continue the others.


i hope ure doing well ! SAAS is literally one of my all time favs on wattpad, thank u for ur geniusss writing !