hello there! i have been mia for 2 years and a day. i cannot apologize for that, because this place grew to be very toxic for me and i shut out a lot and couldn't really function without feeling stressed, but in the past two years i've experienced a lot of growth. i'm now 21, i've been graduated from university for the past 7 months, but i have constantly thought about the community i built here over the years and the wonderful friends and readers and supporters that have always kept my best interests at heart. i missed y'all very much, and i'm so so happy to see that you all are still enjoying my work. i want to keep writing, so although i can't promise anything, i do want to let you all know that i see you, i've read your messages, and i love you! thank you for every comment, like, read, every time you messaged me or sent me a book cover/oneshot or dedicated a chapter of your book! i have lost track of a lot of these things and i am so sorry for that but i very much so cherish every one of you.


@im_fluent_in_sarcasm Hi, I'm sorry that this place was too toxic for u :/ but I'm happy I stumbled upon ur writing, I'll never regret it, u write amazingly and I hope u found something that makes u happy :) I'm really happy that u left since it was toxic for u, once again I wish u best of luck
          	  Dawn <3 (yes my name I'm displaying isn't a real name :P)






Hi please read WOUNDED BUT YOURS, look through it’s description if you like what you read do give it a try. It’s my first wattpad novel! I’d love to have your support onboard. Hope you guys like it, it’s filled with love, laughter and longing desire! ☺️


I so loved sweet as strawberry. 
          Can anyone recommend me book as good as this??


this is like my nth time reading this lol this is such a comfort story for me and reading it again and again is just never boring!!! im jealous of lottie and ben's love for each other AAAAAAAA i hope one day ill feel it too <3 huge thank u to u for making this :3 i love it so much <3


@ysapizza_ lol i forgot...i was pertaining to "Sweet As A Strawberry" :p


Lottie and Benny's story  is TOOOOOO CUUUUTE!!! I just can't 
           I  hate 'teen' stories but I'm so inlove with this! 
          This book got me saying 'Awwwww' every chapter and laugh so hard on how innocent Lottie is 
          I love this sooo much 
          Good job writer 


@VoreiosSeven loved that book so much too.. any recommendations for similar books with similar male and female leads?


I'm in love with ur books. U r the best


Omg! I've finished your story, it was amazing! " "Sweet as a Strawberry". I'm really relieved that there were no betrayals and cheatings that happen co'z it's not my type. Ben and Charlie were  both really cute and lovable. I 100% love your story! Even though its not my first language, I feel like it is co'z I was moved by every scenes! Keep writing, Author!ᏊㅇꈊㅇᏊ


Go and check out something new and promising my fellow Wattpadians. There a new novel called, 
          ‘ When The Devil Comes ’ by La Faye Jones


What happened to 24/7 detention? 


Benny and Lottie SOOOOO CUTEEE AHHHHHFEIURFHERKUFNE. I need a spin off series about Ginny and Zack or Ginny and Clark❤️❤️


It’s been such a long time since I’ve read a good love story with characters of good personalities and dynamic. I loved Sweet as A Strawberry.