I can't be here anymore.

Being a part of a site like Wattpad is no longer the right path for me. I can't log on and constantly worry about if my designs were good enough, how my chapter did, or if people like me or not. It puts an unrealistic standard on my shoulders that I no longer want to let control me.

Not only that, but the amount of negativity users on this site throw around because they feel entitled is just absolute bullshit. I'm so sick of having users who decide that I'm their enemy try to bring me down and make me feel like absolute garbage. Part of my decision to leave Wattpad behind is because of those users. I hope they're happier now that they don't have to wake up and put on a facade to make others feel horrible about themselves.

I'm terribly sorry to all those I'm leaving behind but this is a step I need to take to heal myself. I hope you all understand that at the very least.
  • JoinedJune 22, 2014