I kindly ask you to avoid mentioning characters/lines from other authors or their works within the context of my stories. I only want to write, and I don’t want to feel disrespected; the same goes for other authors. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Hindi ko man kilala kung sino ang mini-mention niyo, but please, don’t put us in a situation we wouldn’t like.
          	I love hearing your thoughts, always. I appreciate you, your comments, and your feedbacks. But it just doesn’t feel right when you do that. Please, be decent. I respect everyone in the community. Sana respetuhin niyo rin ang mga gawa namin. One more, sorry, it is against my heart, but I will automatically mute you.
          	Thank you for understanding, guys. Let’s stay in love with our safest space! <3


@huescria love you pooo !!  hugsss 


@huescria super loved your stories po


Hi ate maics!! I love your story so much especially yung beneath the clandestine paradise ☺️. Super duper na-amaze ako sa writing style and sa plot . Hopefully magkaron siya ng book in the future kasi mamimiss ko talaga si Dym and Arie hehe. Ang slayable ng plot kasi hindi siya yung typical romance novel na nagka amnesia si girl. Grabe rin pinagdaanan ni Dym huhu. I hope na makapag write ka ng special chap in the future . Yun lang stay safe ate luv luvvv 


May story po ba si Grim-Arie at Simon-Kristina?


chaotic series 3 ‘yung kay arie at grim while wala pang story si simon and kristina 


@Ashbw3irryyy_ si kristina pala at si Simon? akala ko sila ni rems