Hi, I just got done reading fallingforyou for the third time now. It's such a wholesome, feel good book. I love the way you paint a story with your words. Like, I can *see* it in my mind when I read it idk if that makes sense lol
          I hope you're doing well and keeping safe.
          Don't stress too much about updating if you're not up for it. I don't mind reading it a fourth time ;)


hi, thank you so much!! it does, i’m so glad it does that for you as well. i am well, i’ve just honestly been super busy with getting things ready for uni and hit a bit of a wall with the book but i will be back. thank you so much for the love. i hope you’re good ❤️


hi! i hope you are doing well. i’m really sorry to bother you, but if you are looking for something to read or you’re interested, i have a new book on my profile called “idée fixe” and i would really appreciate it if you checked it out! i’d like to say thank you if you do decide to read it, and if not that’s okay! (: either way i hope you have a good day/night and are happy and well right now. thank you so much. xx https://my.w.tt/U7TUfOl5kR