Salam everyone,
          	I have decided to make the stories accessible. For free.
          	Following my post on FB prior, in lieu of republishing the titles into books/ebooks,for the time being, let's have it for you on Wattpad - chapter by chapter. 
          	2020 had been a rough and tough turbulence to many, in one way or another. 
          	Here's to hoping that maybe...maybe it could offer a small pocket of respite and interlude to the current chaos, to anyone who needs it. I haven't revisited some of the titles for ages myself. Let's cringe, laugh, facepalm or do whatever verb applicable together over the spiels that have been written. Or reminisce over a timespan where things were simpler when the words first touched you. To be reminded that we have made it, through phases that we thought were daunting, and we'll make it through again this time, and again and again.
          	Be kind. To yourself, and others.
          	Take care. Of yourself, and others.
          	Let's start 
          	with Garpu & Camca.
          	May Allah bless.


Assalamualaikum Hlovate.. your books bring back so many memories of high school. First start with Aa+Bb, terus collect all your books. My favourite is Versus. First beli then hilang someone pinjam. 3 kali saya beli balik Versus semua hilang sebab someone pinjam. Nak beli lagi dah takda jual dkt kedai. Sampai skarang masih terasa sesal bagi orang pinjam but anggap not my rezeki la to keep that one. Then found you in this platform and I am really excited. You was my inspiration during high school. Learned  
          	  a lot from your stories.. Thank you so much for existing and give inspiration to too many people. 


          	  Assalamualaikum, hlovate. Dah lama tak tgk blog, first thing first buka, nmpk nama hlovate, bila klik  xde dah. then terjumpa post boleh ke wattpad. search for hlovate name, to many, Alhamdulillah can recognize from your trademark, thanks to that smile..Semoga dapat baca lagi karya hlovate. I've bought all your books kecuali baru tahu ada karya baru Garpu & Camca.  Terima kasih sudi berkongsi secara maya.


@hlovatehood my first encounter with your book Tunas was in 2010. I was 13. Now I'm 25 and still find myself going back to your books now and then. The stories tell about life in the most realistic and inspiring ways. Simple but straight to the gist of it. Sadly I only bought 5 Tahun 5 Bulan tho, the rest all pinjam from library. I hope they can be accessible somewhere sometimes. Even if 10 years from now, I will go back looking for your writings :)


Karya hlovate semua dijual dgn harga yahudi  kesian kt kami yg baru nk baca karya2 hlovate. 


Thank you hlovate for this opportunity, for letting us feels back the feeling long time ago. I hope you can still update all your books here. Lots of love xx


Thank you hlovate. You've been my favourite writer for a long time. Got to read your books again, I don't think a thank you is enough :) may Allah bless you. 


Tq so much hlovate . May Allah bless u abundance 


Happy 7k! ❤️


hi!!! thankyouuu hlovate :) iloveyou since forever <333 


Bila nak update ked’s story?