Dear Readers,
          	Sorry for the recent silence... My personal and work life have been crazy and COVID-19 hasn't made things easier. 
          	My sincere apologies but I do not have a set schedule of when I can write and post PTSML/Egan. I am still working on completing PTSML and can only hope my schedule can get back to normal. 
          	Please be patience.
          	Virtual hugs to all! 
          	Stay safe and well! 
          	Will write and post when I can (no set schedule).
          	Ha Rui


@harui30 Hello we'll wait for as long as you need, so take your time.


@harui30 its ojay we'll wait for you <33


@harui30  its okay im patient ill just re read ur book for the 100TH time but i still love it u dont know how happy i was when i found the author of ruyi actually wrote all of my other favorites i love ur books I LOVE UUU Soo write a reaally good book like all the others plsss


Dear great author thanks for the amazing stories you made I can't get over for RUYI


Can you pretty pls start writing calla 3 .. I can’t wait for the story to unfold .. ❤️❤️❤️


Please  from me too


I have read every last one of this author’s books. Rebirth of fa wai lan twice and ruyi twice. Still waiting on a update  on every last book especially the second male lead one!


I just want to say that I love your story Ruyi... It's wonderful☺️ A selfless love eh...Thank you for the wonderful story...I love it. Thank you. 


If you're taking a break, I hope you're doing fine and enjoying! Even if we are anticipating for your return, your well-being is more important. Stay safe


Juyi update please! I've been waiting since September 2019. Now is already October 2021 


Dear author, 
          Your stories got me hooked until the end of each volume please please update the third volume of Rebirth of Fa wei lan and calla  
          Take care and hope all is well


MS. Author!!! I really miss you, I hope you're doing well, and I am still here waiting for your updates, hahaha


I just finished reading "The Rebirth of Fa Wei Lan", and I can't wait for you to release book 3 and also Calla.