Sup hoes, Imma bad ass bitch that Iives for food,Wattpad and friends (jk I don't need friends they disappoint me). Read the books that's on my wattpad lists especially the Larry ones cuz that's some good shit that's gonna make you question your entire existence. 

One direction if u for some reason are reading this 1 year is only 365 days not 1095 get yo math straight bitches this is why u should've stayed in school time to come back it's been a minute tf I ain't getting younger, and Mr "I never wanted to be in the band and I always wanted to leave" needs to join too !!! Okay....good bye hoes se u in hell, gotta one direction (bUt Il cOmE bAcK i PrOmIsE)

I love food pls send me some 😏
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