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     ` nic baby . 
             * your such a fucking blessing .
          its crazy . god deadass took his time on you baby . ): your so nice and sweet to me and i just love you alot and to the moon and back bebe . ❤ its crazy .
          i don't get how you haven't gotten tired of me yet bebe , but imma keep blowing you up until you come back with ya cute ass . deadass miss talking to you mamas . ugh . but i hope ya healthy and stay hydrated it'll be a whole three months knowing you next month I think so bebe ( knowing you ) and I'm so glad you or i texted because we wouldn't be here rn .
            ` we've been thru sum bebe , but always bounce back and its so cute how you always baby me like a lil baby and give me kisses and always have a smile on ya beautiful face mamas . you mean so much to me you don't even know . 
          and i mean that with all my heart lovely . ❤ love you so much peach baby .


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