Hey… how y’all doing … so I’m currently writing the next chapter of FPLG (IK ITS BEEN AGES) and I just wanted to thank you all for 200k . That’s crazy ‼️⁉️
          	Also would you rather I give you a big update (like 10k) in a few days, or 5k right now and 5k in a few days ? 


Hiii! And congrats on the 200k!!! Same I’d rather wait for a big update! 


Hello, your story father’s perfect little girl had been recommended to me and i have to say it is phenomenal and I read it all in almost a day. I thank you for blessing my eyes with such a lovely tale despite it being unfinished. I hope you are doing well more than anything and just know you have a lot of fans waiting for your return and we’ll being including me now and I’m sure it will keep growing. ❤️