{Musical based Janis Sarkisian anon}

Name: "Janis Sarkisian."

Age: "I'm sixteen."

Gender: "I'm female. So she/her pronouns."

Sexuality: "Why do you care? Is Regina asking again?" (Lesbian)

Crush/Partner: "Um no one." (Either Cady, Regina, or no one.)

People I Know (Just ask if you want to be one):

Damien Hubbard: @raccoon_kid

Cady Heron: @toogaytofunction_ and @THEmusicalsfandom

Regina George: @the_apex_predator

Karen Smith: @Herondale_Potter

Gretchen Weiners: @readingthemoon


name: amber

age: thirteen

gender: female she/her

sexuality: pansexual

fandoms: hamilton, percy jackson, marvel, harry potter , sanders sides, heathers, dear evan hansen, disney, heathers, mean girls, beetlejuice, most musicals

if you ever want to be adopted by me just ask. i will not hesitate to be a supporting mom to anyone that needs one.

if you ever need to talk, i'm here.

:When Janis is talking

//: When Amber is taking
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franceslaurenss franceslaurenss Jun 30, 2020 08:27PM
// Does anyone know what happened to the Philidosia fanfic “Spotlight Romance”? I think that was the title. It was one of my favorite fanfics and now I can’t find it.
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