Heyyyy.... I am posting this msg on your profile with high hopes and more than high anticipation. I am writing a new werewolf book "The Wolf and his Moon". Few chapters are already up. Updates are frequent and the chapters are long.
          Please check it out and share your views. They mean a lot to me.
          I sincerely hope that you give my story a chance and like it. Fingers crossed!!!
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Hi ♡ if you're looking for something new to read on wattpad , you should check out my story "Inevitable"! It's an angsty romance!


Hey there! Would you please check this teen romance novel! It's my first work and I'd really appreciate it if you support me with votes and comments!
          Title: Dream The Sooth
          Category: Romance (teen fiction)
          Description: “Because I'm the dreamer and you're the dream...”
          Travis O'Brian is a “placid” seventeen-years-old guy whose life is rife with routinely dull days, who had been dreaming something in a loop. As much blurry as it is, the colossal number of times he had witnessed the same scene made him consciously and lucidly aware of the pure, yet splendiferously beauty that was extolling and aimed all Travis' cogitations to her. That aphrodisiac girl was somehow stuck in his too-dextrous mind, riveting him into a vivid kiss that captured all his feelings and emotions into a deep sort of affection.
          Well, imagine with me. The girl is actually real. She is definitely alive, breathing, loving...
          And guess what?
          He will unexpectedly meet her.
          Gee-whiz, you saw it right!
          What a small world, indeed.
          Please note:
          * You might find a little of sluggishness inside this story, because I wanted to share every tiny detail about Travis' inner thoughts, and I promise you won't get bored!
          *Some of you might have a heart attack, because cheesiness is supremely oppressing all over my story. So is that heart-perishing-thing you call heartbreak.
          *And yes, this book contains mature contents: A lot of cussing, a mound of sexual scenes that might be inappropriate to you. Read at your own risk.
          *And oh my god, I don't even know why I'm using so many times the word heart, but you need to know that cliffhangers are devilishly smirking at the end of some chapters. Sorry not sorry! (And I'm making a mountain out of molehill about the heart attack, don't panic!)


hey i have a new book out and it would mean alot if you could check it out and vote xx


hi there!! ≧^◡^≦ if you're free, could you check out my book: The Sun And The Moon? it will be amazing if you could give it a quick read. If you do like it, votes and comments would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you kween ♛ xxxx


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