hi guys!!
          	i’m struggling to write and get books out as i’ve recently started doing childcare placements and that takes up a lot of times so yeah and im just trying to work on myself
          	but i was wondering if anyone wanted me to publish old book i’ve written like a year ago and never published??
          	lots of love, i hope everyone is safe and taking care


Please do I don’t know what else t read 


Yesss plsss i love ur books sm and please don’t stress and make sure you get some break and care for yourself 


i kind of really want a book like in the future of like a badass girl like she is an assassin and she goes to like a rich school and meets the popular group with like just her and a group of guys and like the leader is like a mafia don and it is enemies to lovers like he is trying to get her killed in the illegal world this would be so cool


this message may be offensive
Best fucking books EVER hands down no joke. I’ve read 3 or 4 books and its SOO good like hello?!?!???? 
          But seriously this girl needs more people reading her books because wtf its soo good and shes funny as well?! Also the character are funny and well written soo 100/100++++++


same girl saaaaammmmeee!!!


i haven’t read wattpad in so long because your books are the only ones i read and u haven’t made anything new. Take your time but we all love you and miss you <333


@jesicalongbottom I miss her books soooooo much