hey babies. i’m super sorry for the inactivity and i miss you all. i feel like i owe you an explanation. i’ve been struggling with my depression and borderline personality disorder — two things i chose not to talk about online until now — and i’m trying to recover from a suicidal episode. please don’t worry about me, i’m okay now, just distancing myself from most of my socials to do so. i am active on twit, letterboxd, and snap if you do want to stay better in touch. links are in my carrd. love you so much.


Please dont feel like you need to apologize, i love you so much and hope that you stay safe and healthy. You matter most and im sending all my hugs and kisses <33


much love ella <3


@falsettoss hi baby i’m so so sorry you’re going through this rn. u don’t need to apologize for taking time for you. i love u sfm and i’m rooting for you. ily, imu and i’m here if u ever need to talk <3