so sorry for being absent for the past few days, i’ve had a lot going on and also been in a huge writing slump :( 
          	working on the next chapter, it will be posted tomorrow and hopefully i’ll be back to being active from then! love you guys! 
          	i have really great things coming up in the next few chapters, so hope u enjoy + tysm for ur patience <3
          	- A  


Take the time you need! These things happen, we are all here when you’re ready ❤️


can’t wait to see where the story goes!!!


We Love youu! Things happen don’t worry love! Super exited for what’s to come ❤️


hi babe, i just wanted to say i'm dying to keep on reading unconditional i'm addicted!! it's amazing, you are the best writter, hope you are okay (if you are studying we completely get it and hope everything is going great) and be able to upload more chapters soon  xx