To everyone asking: I'm doing okay! Life got in the way, but I'm back to finish updating Cuts and Bruises :) Thanks so much to everyone's kind messages, yall are literally the best readers out there!!


@ etherachel  omg I'm so happy that you are ok, don't scary us like that!!!
          	  Luv you


@etherachel welcome back! we missed you!


@etherachel Delighted to learn you are okay! Wonderful, have you back! I have missed reading "Cuts and Bruises'! Thank you 


Hi!! I’m currently started writing a book called “Favorite Crime” and it would mean a lot if you guys read it. I hope you guys like it and please leave comments about how it is and don’t forget to recommend:))
          Love cuts and bruises 



Ahhh I just read the Social Experiment literally in love with Nathan , I was screaming in my pillow when Lauren punched Thomas for getting Nathan hurt .Quick question, what’s your ig ?I made an aesthetic for this book was hoping you could see it love you 


Everyone promoting their books should stop, this is rachel's profile conversation, not yours. Please promote your book somewhere other than an author's comment section, it's their time to shine, yours will come just calm it