I know I haven’t updated in soooo long but honestly I’m scared to look at comments and even go on the app cause I don’t want to see all the disappointed comments...
          	I’d update but I’m worried that after I do I’d leave people waiting months AGAIN
          	I just don’t want to let people down 


Loving your  books people unfortunately can be cruel there are lots of people who absolutely love your stories as hard as it may be just try and focus on the good xx


Take your time don’t feel pressured to do things, we still love you!!!!


It’s okay! Take as long as you want!!! Update when you feel comfortable!


Hiii just wanted to check if you’re alright? It’s been ages and of course I want / neeed you to update all your books because they’re amazing but first I just want to make sure ur okie dokie:) 


Dear writer ,
          Please help me find a story which I have accidentally deleted from my library few months ago .The story line was - there was a couple .they were highschool sweethearts.they got married.on the day of marriage the guys cheats on her because he think that his brother died because of her and he shot his sister.he started abusing her.he then let's her go. Later he gets to know that the girl oliver with whom he was cheating was adding drug to his which made him violent.then he tried to find and two year after he found her and asked for forgiveness.the summary of this story had the the line " you are a monster and I hate you"
          If you know this story please let me know .
          I have been searching this story for months.
          Thanking you.


Hiiiii I just finished reading all your books and it’s so amazing. ❤️I just wish you could put more updates on ‘innocent prisoners’ I’m hella obsessed with that book . So pleaseeeee updatessss