the first chapter of "jerk" has been uploaded. i will update every saturday! :)


Who are the 18 friends you can’t live without? Message to only those 18, just like I did. Let’s see how many messages you get! Start sending - be honest! Only 18! I value you Wynter a tight hug for you in advance...tomorrow is World Friends Hug Day!!! Forward this to special friends!! (Even me if you think I’m one) You are seriously loved if you get 5 back! ❤️❤️


You book 'Breathe' is truly incredible. I loved reading every bit of it. The feels were so real, I hope that you keep creating such books and really really hope that you make an epilogue or sequel in which Cole gets another chance 


hey, i read ur bio and i was wondering if you’ve ever listened to sam fender :)


In love with your book 'Jerk' ❤❤ wish there was more, other than the epilogue :(((