uni is crazy rn but i promise you guys i’m writing (also working on my wip that i cant wait to talk more abt soon)


@ellechanel I'm so excited for it


@ellechanel best of luck with all your stuff❤️


Yay! Take your time please 


          Just read your book , '1001 nights'. Its amazing.The way you've written it. Could you pretty please update it here??!!!?!!! 
          If you're not able to do it right away, when can we expect an update? 
          It's one of the best book I've read on wattpad.
          Thank you.!


@_MSDian7_ same! @ the author, please update us w what's going on w that book :( it's such a lovely work!


You're one of the best writers I know, I'm a newbie and would love to hear the knowledge of someone who is doing so good. I was wondering, because I'm trying to make my own book, would you give me some writing advice/tips?


Can you just update 1001 nights here....I am really not a big fan of radish, the wait is sooo long and i have to purchase a coin....thats why i love wattpad


Hi you obviously have great taste. Would you please let me know of romance novels that you love? Something with a not so nice love interest or with fantasy/fairytale. Something beautiful and tragic to read. I am in desperate need of a heartbreaking earth shattering romance. 


hi elle
          just wanted to know if you're OK 
          and if you'll ever consider completing you're book1001 nights 
          its such a master piece and I'm you're devoted fan so i hope this msg motivates you, even if just a little 
          have a good one 


I have read 1001 nights last 2017,deleted wattpad after that, but I installed it again this year just to reread 1001 nights❤️Hope that you will update it soon:)


i just wanted to say that 1001 nights is a genius novel and I love it! It has publishing potential. I’ve never read something like that and I loved every bit of it! I really hope you plan to continue it :)