happy halloween ♥️✨ ( sorry I'm little late to say that- )
          hope you are doing okay and even if you aren't, I just want to let you know that it is okay to cry, get frustrated, and not be okay for awhile.
          but i want you to know that it is okay to not be okay. it's important to take a break instead of forcing yourself; it's okay to reach out for help; and it's okay and important to always take care of yourself first.
          the first lesson to love is to always start with yourself. treat yourself kindly, because i'm sure there are people who are worried about you and truly care about your health and happiness. even you can't think of one right now , but i am one of them.
          ( ^ no need to reply to my message back , I'm just checking on old friends to see how they're doing  ) ♥️✨♥️✨


seeing my crush: :D
          finding out he has a girlfriend: :C
          seeing the girl i like in the hallway: :D
          talking to her during lunch: :DD
          finding out our teacher put us in assigned seats: :CCC


Bro I super lucked out 
            So I sit next to a person I have conflicting feelings on. Someone I want to get to know more, but also someone who has that “heart skip a beat” kind of thing that I’m addicted to. Someone who’s kind of quiet, and usually doesn’t open up. But recently they really did, and we are more on the border of acquaintances and friends
            But somehow, I lucked out by sitting near them for a class. Idk the universe was bored. But they were super close to being switched, and they didn’t. Very happy. 
            I really enjoy this person’s company, and just would like to listen to them ramble about whatever all day, ya know? Rant over


good morning !! :DDD