check out my af on my new acc!!


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idk what to tell you guys
          I'm back ig
          I made a new acc as a fresh start and I'll be doing shit over there from now on, so pls follow @kingofhqarts
          just so you know, it's all @freezerbrides 's fault


@dxvilschiild thank you for coming back actually. bc of you, my wattpad doesn't stay dry lol


Hello everyone!
          There are some things I would like to say after a long time of this account sitting here with no content whatsoever. It won't be easy for me at all, but for my own sake, I will get on with it.
          I have been on this app since I was 11 years old. Almost 6 years. In those 6 years, I've made countless friends, created and deleted a lot of stories, and had some drama as well. Those are precious memories to me and no one can take them away. However, I am now only a few months from turning seventeen years old and I think the time has come. I have decided to leave Wattpad permanently. 
          The reasons are simple. Wattpad was a huge part of my development as a child and teenager and for that exact reason, I believe it's time to let go of it. I'm nearing adulthood and as much as I would like to stay in my high school years forever, it's just not possible. I have responsibilities in my life, to my family, my school, and my friends. It's just a reality that a lot of Wattpad writers are experiencing at the moment, like me. At some point, everyone has to move on from certain things.
          This account will remain on Wattpad and I will log in every once in a few months to see if I have any new messages or anything, but I won't be posting anything after this point. I call this the end of my Wattpad era. Thank you for being with me on this wonderful journey and I won't ever forget all of the comments on my stories, or the people who helped me become the person I am. I am truly grateful. I will list all of my socials here in case you want to remain in contact, but that's about it. Thank you all!
          Discord - dxvilschiild 
          Instagram - jaylikesducks
          Tumblr - dxvilschild
          TikTok - dxvilschiild


@dxvilschiild | AAH GOODBYE CIAN!!! IT WAS SO NICE SEEING U ON WP AND BECOMING FRIENDS!!!! your academy applyfic was my most favourite thing ever and it was so fun to read<3 i hope you have an awesome life ahead of you and life gives you an easy way<3