She was the light of the lights.. 


❤Loved Your Book, when it gets published imma be in the back screaming- "I READ IT BEFORE ALL YALL BITCHES" cause ik for sure that 'Kings Queen' Will be published due to its awsomeness!!❤


Hey, when are going to update the next chapter of tangled hearts... Pls do it fast ❤. Btw  I am a huge fan of your writing, especially the book "King's Queen "


@MihikaVanya wow thanks for the support and I'm glad you liked my work. And I'll try to update my story.. Thanks again and have a good day.. 


Done reading King's Queen more than 5 times.. The story is beautiful that it's never makes me bored...One of my favourite books that I treasure so much.


Hi,just read your king story and became your writing style's fan. You mentioned glimpses of love story of Zachary and Megan. Please show their story or him alive miraculously