hey guys, so i love y’all all so much, but im logging off wattpad. i know i didn’t finish editing blood and chocolate and curses and candies, but as the new year is approaching i think it’s time to close this chapter of my life and start focusing on myself and my new book. this past year has been amazing with so many ups and downs and so much practice and support gained. thank you all for that. b+c and c+c is still not my best work, but i know you would all be furious if i took it down like i want to tbh. for everyone who has my personal insta, snap, number, etc, we are def still staying in touch! i love you all sm and hope you understand. 
          	bye <3


bye! i hope to read your new book wherever you publish it!


i feel like a proud mom right now. Ruby you have been through more than i could ever imagine your writing brings me to tear you have this amazing gift and i can't wait for you to use it more<3 i am so so proud of how much you have grown over the past year and i can't believe how strong of a person you are i love you girl<3


@drowninginparagraphs bye!!!! i hope we can read your new book somewhere! happy new year :)


I just entered in your profile and I cant belive ALL YOUR BOOKS ARE COMPLETED i mean thats amazing im going to read them ALL. I really cant belive they are all completed with so many chapters, sooooo good❤