Hi everyone,
          	I've been working on Gravity and I've come to decide I'm putting the story on hold, and I may even unpublish it for a while. I'm just not in the right frame of mind to write this story at the moment, unfortunately. 
          	I may start another completely different story, but I may not. It depends. I may just need a short break.
          	Over the next week, there will be updates to one or both books, but that will just be me editing away on the current chapters already posted.
          	I hope this news doesn't bother anyone too much. 
          	Best wishes


@dreamydaze  I loved and completely adored your story opposites. I just hope you would right a little spin off or some thing more


@dreamydaze Hope you keep writing like you did in Opposites.


@dreamydaze oh now I'm just totally distraught.....  sniffles.... what to do what to do....*wrings hands together*  It'll be okay... it'll be okay.....just shake it off nick....


I love your story opposites It was amazing I hope there is going to be a book 2 it pulled on my heart but It was just amazing. 


Such a wonderfull, sweet, well-written and well-told boylove story ! It's a pity there aren't more to read !


will you do the sequel for Opposites???? I'm guessing you won't but it's fine...your book opposites was amazing tho btw :)