Hi, I'm dreamingindecember and I'm new to wattpad as you can probably tell. 

* All I have in this life are my dreams and music

* Food, girl. Bring it here.

* My taste in tv shows is superior to all. [TVD, PLL, SUPERNATURAL, MLP, TCD, REVENGE, TW, GG]

* I want to be an author even if it kills me

* I speak more than one language. Bite me

* I don't need a man to make me happy. That's where puppies come in.

* Take me shopping and I'll bite you. I prefer Taco Bell or Barnes & Noble

* I want to hump Francisco Lachowski, date Zac Efron, marry Dane Dehaan, and lock Kyle Gallner in my closet.

* I love peanut butter a lot. But you guys are sweeter. Well, peanut butter is sorta sweet so I don't know. <Awkwardly hide face>

Byez, love bugs
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