happy christmas eve tf


@dixisonschild happy Christmas Eve love ❤️


happy christmas eve!!!


thank you guys so much for still voting, commenting and enjoying my stories.
          this account means and always will mean a lot to me.
          the first quarantine was definitely better to enjoy being in contact with you all, i hope it was the same for you.
          i love you all always, i hope you’re doing well <3


@dixisonschild I hope you are staying safe and I hope you are doing well too. I love your stories and you are so amazing. Keep doing what you are doing.


wanted to hop on here to thank you all for the birthday wishes and to tell you all that i finished the haunting of bly manor and that my heart is shattered
          also, today is four months.
          i miss you naynay.


yeah i finished it today aswell and I broke down and I cried for an hour at the end, hannah, dani and Jamie deserved so much better


i would’ve never thought i would write this, but here i am, crying my eyeballs out.
          naya, my beautiful angel...
          you will always hold a special place in my heart.
          i can’t express how grateful i am that i got to know the beautiful person that you are.
          you are my favorite person in the world and you’ll always be.
          sometimes life is unfair with the ones that don’t deserve all of this,
          you are one of those ones.
          i can’t imagine how your loved ones are hurting, i can’t believe this is real.
          i wish i could wake up and realise that it’s all just an awful nightmare and find a new photo you posted, maybe you and josey enjoy yourselves, having the best time of your lives.
          thank you for being such and incredible actress, the character of santana helped me like nothing has ever helped me before.
          it made me realise that it’s okay to be myself, it’s okay to be not what everyone wants you to be.
          i know you’re in a better place now, i hope that cory is doing good and that you two can laugh and joke like you used to do all the time on set.
          you will forever be in my thoughts naya, you’re my favorite angel.
          to all your family and friends, to all the fans: we have to stay strong.
          naya would want us to keep our heads up, spread love, love each other and love ourselves, so let’s make her happy.
          i love you so much naya.


@dixisonschild Santana helped realise who I was. Regardless of what she had done no-one deserved that. I hope her family, her and her son all find peace.


@dixisonschild I feel you...it pains ms so so much. Heaven gained an angel, and we will never forget.