i am a small attic gremlin of unknown species
aka dipshit/dippy, or starless
yes, this is me, you might know me from another account but this is me now

~she/her/any pronouns

~a queer (and demisexual) d i s a s t e r

~none of the homophobics, transphobics, racists, etc. just go away

~i don't do chains, or vote for vote, follow for follow, etc.

~no hate or else get off my property

you can also find me at //
~starless#1814 (discord)
~starless-sk1es (devianart)
i'm way more active on discord

~steal my art and your organs i shall harvest

best online friends:
[i'm really bad at gauging relationships so tell me if you consider me a friend aksdjkfalsd]

books of mine worth reading:
[nothing to see here]

~background// human!blackjack being a seggsy man [grey]
~profile pic// (old) me being threatened by kmai [zodi]
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