Hi guys, I have updated the next chapter. If you're having trouble with reading chapter 42, DM me or you can remove the book from your library and add it again.


Vanakkam nanba (Hello Buddy ), 
          I have started a new story.....It's a story with tamil background..... Please give a try....if you like it.... Then continue☺️......my story is about a police officer who falls in love with his own "Athai ponnu" ( aunty's daughter ) and Marry her.... it's a romantic + family drama + action crime = this story "YOUR EYES TELL" 
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Hey,  I would like to recommend you my story,  Enchanted Pursual,  its a story based in the heart of Mumbai city,  a perfect read for the unpredictible weather with its relatable characters and many twists and turns.  
          Its as well featured in theindiancomunity reading list 'kitabein hi kitabien', I hope this catches your interest if not my words above.  
          And to make you further consider it I have added the link to the story as well,  may be the description or the prologue might surve the rest.  
          I will be waiting eagerly to hear your views on the story.  
          Happy reading.  


Hello :)
          How are you?
          Extremely sorry for this interruption//
          Actually, I have started a new book here. Well, my first one....
          ❉ Made in Heaven
          Hope you'll have a look
          Eagerly waiting for your feedback on it.
          Thank you ♡♡♡


I'm sorry dear if I'm disturbing you but in your free time plz give my book hearted heartless a chance. 
          Hope you enjoy reading it. 
          I'll be glad to hear comments from you. 
          Keep smiling dear.