Ummm sooo  i like anime and i live in malaysia oh and i sometimes have only 1 braincell soooooo yeah.... 

She/her pronouns ( is it pronouns im bad at grammar )

Toji,gojo,megumi,sukuna,sukuna,kuroo,kenma,yaku,kageyama,oikawa,iwaizumi,atsumu,daichi and more✨ can breake and ill thank them 😌🤪💓

Oh and pls stop asian hate not only bcs im asian but i feel really bad that people are not only are getting verbally harassed (is that what its called?) but also PHYSICALLY . I think this world can change yk? So yeaa and remember to stay MENTALLY&EMOTIONALLY&PHYSICALLY HEALTHY . ❤❤🥰✨
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(warning)*jjk manga sopilers*read at ur own risk!So u know how its canon and in the jjk profiles how nanami is a foodie? so when nanami was attending Tokyo metropolitan curse technical school he h...
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