OG account: @Sarah-_chan~
My name is deathland
My parents are Germany and Poland
I have two older brothers
Berlin and Warsaw

I'm in a union called: (I don't think we have a name for it)

My best friends are:

About me

Well I'm hot (literally)
I sometimes speak polish
But I mostly speak German IF I wanted to but I don't.
I have a illness called oil sickness Wich cause me to feel nauseous and pass out and puke alot when the oil level in my place rises
And Mostly look like Germany
Expect for the stars on the top-right of my flag .
I'm immune to heat
So like I could be standing in fire and not feel it but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt me
I'm 15 years old and the youngest of my family.
In my state you'll probably see alot of fires but don't worry
It's not gonna hurt anyone
And I have alot of rabbits in my state due to some "accident"

Anyway that's all about me 😉
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