I just added an important author's notice in my story. If you really enjoy my story, I would recommend checking the note.


Hi hi! I know you probably don't even use this account, but I wanted to say that I love your work. I realize it's been about 2 years since your last update, but I refuse to give up such a good book. I want to believe that their will be an update someday, I have hope that it will be updated again. I know the probability of you seeing this message it's little to none, even if you did still use this account. But, I needed to get this message out and hope and pray that you see it. Have a good day. Love you, and your writing. Keep it up even if your not writing anymore.


Will you be finishing daughter of the universe? It's really good but you haven't updated it in a while. 


Hi i love your work keep going 
          I wanted to know if you're going to finish daughter of the universe because it's just perfect


Hey I wondering if I could use one of ur stories, I liked the plot but I wanted to  change some things for a story as well. I loved "once a Dixon, always a Dixon but wanted to change some things, and id absolutely give u credit for it.


As long as I get credit, I don't see a problem