Happy New Year <3 may all your dreams come true. 


@dayandnight122 OMG!!!!! How I missed out on this announcement. I have been dying to hear something from you. I MISS YOU! And your books!! Belated Happy New Year.


Hi day.. A lil late but happy new year to you too.. Hope you are doing well. 


Day, I just wanted to come on here and say thank you. Amazing Gracie, to this day, is my favorite book ever. I truly truly have never been able to love a book as much as I loved yours. Thank you for allowing us to love it. I wish people and Wattpad didn’t ruin it for you.
          For the last few months, I’ve started writing my own book on here, and I’ve been reading through a lot of my favorite Wattpad books for inspiration and finding good storytelling tactics. Oh, how I wish I could’ve come back to Amazing Gracie and used your incredible writing and storytelling as an example. Truly one of the most well-written books I’ve ever read. I’m an actor just like you, I think that gives us a profound sense of storytelling and character development. 
          Anyway, if you loved AG as much as I did, and appreciated how wonderful and well put together it was, maybe give my book a chance :)
          I’ve spent so much time on it, and put so much love and energy into it that I would just be over the moon if people read it and loved it as much as I do! Give it a chance

          And thanks again for being my inspiration @dayandnight122 


          I read Amazing Gracie long time ago. I was in really bad depression, like really, really bad. That book was like a ray of light, hope. I cried and laughed, and cried and laughed. There was a really long time when everything was completely black and then-Amazing Gracie-i actually laughed aloud reading it. 
          Now, 6 years later, and after my second child, im in completely debilitating postpartum depression again :( i came here to look for my light again.  
          Im so so sorry!!! I firsthand know how important is mental health !! I hope you will find  your peace and maybe, someday bring your !!!MASTERPEACE!!!! back.
          Sending all my love to you, you freaking-amazing-fantastic-magical-wonderful-indescribable author! Don't let anyone take down your light and soul and magical art!! 


Literally came back to see if she had posted her book just one more time  Amazing Gracie was such a good book. Hope one Day I can get the Chance to re read it  


@mayt22 Me too. I couldn't even finish it.


Man, what I would give to read Amazing Gracie just one more time... That book was a whole inspiration and half when I read it. Can't believe it's been like 4 years, my goodness. I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive Wattpad for this one. 


@KeeperOfTheWriters Same..!! I couldn't even finish reading this and I still miss it. I keep coming back to wattpad majorly for this. Hopelessly hoping to get the opportunity to finish reading this. I miss Nick!!


Me too!!! I constantly think about it