a new chapter of once upon a summer is up!! go check it out!!!


Finished reading Because of Him, in tears. This book is probably one of the best things in my life. So many ups and downs, so many questions, so many everything. I enjoyed it and knew it won't be a mistake reading it. It kept me anxious every time I wasn't able to read it ( when I was at school I was constantly thinking what would happen next) and it made me fall in love with the book.
          I am COMPLETELY SPEECHLESS and I love you tons sending lots of loveeeeeee


Just finished reading Because of him it's such an amazing book  and definitely one of the best books i've read on wattpad 


Your story "Because of Him" made me cry! I loved it so much and I think you might become a real author if you continue writing books like this. I wish you the best in life and I truly enjoyed your book. Thank you for writing it.


Hi, I just wanted to tell you, I just finished “Because of him” and it was hands down, the best wattpad story i’ve ever read. Thank you for writing it 


I just finished "Because of Him" and it's easily one of the best books on this app, I loved it so much. Please continue writing. Thank you!


Chapter #35 is the best:) the fact that they finally went on a date and kissed AHH I can't get any more of it without feeling so happy