who wants to role-play? i'm bored


@cumbated yes sirrrr


Hi cumbated 
          Long time and hope you are okay in these Covid times  
          Thank you so much for voting on “Lessons in Love”, and I just have to include the following info – been busy, you know :
          If you want to read more of my works you can now find me on Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play Books, Kobo, Barnes and Nobles, Overdrive, Smashwords and I use the same pen name "Ada Stuart" on all sites, so feel free to drop by :-)
          One of my books (“Played”) was recently listed as no.8 on Apple Bestseller list for Erotic Romance – above Fifty shades of grey 
          I also have a free story (Boss Romance theme) in the April Fool contest on Literotica. The story actually came in on 3rd place in the contest – my first award ever 
          Link to Amazon:
          Link to Smashwords:
          Link to Literotica:
          Take care and stay safe