Hey guys!
          	A couple of updates here actually. (I guess that means a long post, sorry!)
          	I've decided to unpublish Duality for a while. It'll be back eventually, I'm just in the process of rewriting it since I really wasn't happy with it (first works, you know how it is). Soon I'll upload a teaser chapter, just to give you guys a glimpse of how the writing's gonna be different (and hopefully better). The main plot is pretty much the same; I'm mainly changing stuff you haven't seen yet, but I just needed to do this so that I can have a consistent upload schedule in the future.
          	But speaking of upload schedules - I'm sorry that I've been so awful with updating Bruise! I'm in university now, so I don't have much time at all to write. But I'm doing a boat load of writing now (when I should be studying for finals oops), so I should have a backlog of stuff for you guys to read if I do end up going AWOL again. 
          	And not really an update but I'll finish with this anyway: thanks so much for the support on Bruise! I never expected it to get this popular, and I'm so grateful! We managed to get to #30 in romance, which is amazing! I love reading all your comments and messages, and as I'm writing this I'm getting comment notifications which really means a lot! So hopefully I won't be as bad with updating in the future, and you'll keep being awesome!


Hey will you still be finishing Bruise? I love it and really would like to see what happens. Please update soon! 


Bhaaabeee!!! UUUPPPPDDDAAATTTEEE UPDATE!!!! PLEASE!!!!!! updated bruise please. Please. With cherry on top!!!!


I don't know if you still check up on this account, but it'd be great to hear an update, at least that you're doing alright. I read Bruised and despite how upsetting it is I want to hear more. I love drama so badly, I think I'm a sadist. You would feel bad for my characters. Anyway hope all is well and I wish to hear more from you even though it's been so long