I've been a Potterhead for over 15 years. I've been reading fanfiction for about as long. I was an English Literature major in college and haven't written creatively since then. But, I finally got over my fears and started writing Becoming Beta. My first fanfiction in over 10 years. My username is new because I took a hiatus from fanfiction for close to 7 years. Dramione and Snamione are my OTP, but I ship basically anything Hermione-centric. She is my true OTP (one-true-person? I guess?).

brownlark42 is my bff and alpha/beta/omega - reader extraordinaire!

You can find me on Facebook, lurking around other Potterhead groups, particularly if they are Hermione-centric.

Find me on tumblr at crochetawayhpff.
Find me on AO3 at crochetaway.
Find me on FFN at crochetaway.
Find me at my own website crochetawayhpff.com

All of my one-shots are housed on AO3 and FFN and soon to be on my own website.

Happy reading!
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