im literly forgotten lol my friends here unfed me haha clown emoji


@crackt thank u bby imma need it ))”: and oooo yeah we’re all quarantined lmao online classes suck I don’t like it ): makes me not wanna do my work ): I haven’t had a zoom classroom meeting though... eeeee I’m scared AIBDJSKS esp since I’m boutta take med classes ?? I think KABSMS I’m
          	  Going for Radiology ish? MRI Technician oop ya gorl need that $$$ HAHA 


@Le_Mochi n e ways!!!! i'm wishing u sm luck for college!!!! omggg


@Le_Mochi im quarantined B) school's gonna be online, ure not allowed 2 gtfo of ur house,,, um Zoom classroom;; & idk why im in wattpad rn coz im mostly in ig but ye gucci B)


you've been chosen to be showered with love, so enjoy!!
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          love you sweetie ♡