"So, fine. She’d give him his space. She wasn’t the type to impose. Well-behaved girls from Manitowoc,..."


Was wondering if you'd critique my stories..if you have the time, no worries if you don't. I'd very much appericate it..


hey waz up dont wanna sound needy and rude but i hope u dont mind readin  r book plez we just started 2 make r first book so we would like know wat u think :)


@purpleblackberry yes it would be hysterical!  I am not a second account for compulsive writer just an avid fan from the very start. I don't get much time to read much else so am staying loyal to her. I love her books. 
          I am a hypnotherapist and I am planning on a series of hypnotic audios for writers this year, after I have done this weight loss series I am trialling now. So I am writing and recording audios, just not books. 


I have a sneaky suspicion this is actually @compulsivewriter 's second account... haha I'm going to go check if there's any anthornys currently on wattpad as well too haha OMG! that would be a good idea! you should open an account like patience is actually uploading that on wattpad! wouldn't that be hysterical if it actually got really popular? 


@nikayaya thanks for the chat - gotta get back to completing the writing for my next audio - hypnosis for fertility, and the green tea I have here hasnt helped, nor has the procrastinating reading.


@compulsivechecker Thank you, and just a disclaimer I must add, AHEM, I was in no way shape or form under the influence of any alcoholic beverage at the time of that interview *wink*