Nothing really

I know I said nothing but let's just do this:

Hi 👋, I'm Lily or at least that's what people call me

I'm just an average person trying to put her thoughts and scenarios on paper (^~^)
Keyword: trying

Pronouns: She/they

I'm boring but people still hang out with me, idk why

What I gain in school smarts, I lose in common sense at times

I like being alone, reading, writing and sleeping etc. because I'm lazy to write the rest but anyways don't disturb me when I'm doing any of these activities and you'll live to see another day

I'm an introvert and I'm socially awkward, it can't be helped

I'm only here because of my friends and fanfiction, so yeah

But anywho, it's nice to meet you and so very nice of you to drop by, now if you'll excuse me I'm going to wrack and navigate through my mess of a brain so goodbye 👋
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