Hi ate ten, just wanna say you're one of the best authors here in wattpad. The way you write your stories especially the veiled dairies series dark yet remarkable in a way that it tackles mental problems in which the characters had surpassed despite the troubles raging inside them. I also admire how you created Elos (you're favorite villareal) and his undying love for Ametrine even after years of believing that he had lost her. Villareal series have a huge space in my heart now. The Isla Verde series of course kyaahhh the first story made me cry a river huhu, I felt bad for spiral but still t'was a good series all in all. I love how you write about family issues, mental health issues, friendship and love. I learned how different affection is from love. I wish you well ate ten. Keep safe. More power. I'll support you all the way as your reader. 


Hii! Nabasa ko na po lahat ng completed stories mo ❤
          Villareal series really admire me, one of my fav.
          Your stories really amaze me po, I'm currently reading your on going story po and patiently waiting for upcoming stories. 
          You are an amazung author that keep on inspiring us. Thank youuuu! 


Hi Ate Ten! Gusto ko lang po sabihin na you're one of the best author here in Wattpad! Kaya sa mga toxic wattpad reader 'wag niyo na po sana silang intindihin. Nakikita ko po kasi mga Insta stories mo and nalulungkot po ako kasi gusto niyong magsulat at tahimik lang kaso may mga iba po talaga na toxic. THE BEST AUTHOR KA PO! AND CINNDERS AKO FOREVER AND EVER LOVE YOU PO! GOD BLESS! ❤️